Art & Design

At Linthorpe, our Art & Design curriculum fosters a passion for art and encourages children to become creative learners. Our children are taught to experiment, explore and create while simultaneously developing key skills. Our curriculum is purposefully designed in order to progress and develop children’s skills in 3 main areas: drawing, painting and form.


Every child at Linthorpe enjoys a high-quality, vocabulary and knowledge-rich curriculum. In order to enrich knowledge of art and its place in the world, children learn about famous art movements, artists and designers that have had a profound impact on the world of art and design. Knowledge Organisers, which focus on one artist per year, support knowledge acquisition and include topic-specific vocabulary. Cultural capital further exposes children to a multitude of artists and renowned pieces of art.


Children are encouraged to develop a critical eye by discussing and evaluating their own work and the work of other artists. Using the inspiration of other artists’ work and the teaching of knowledge and skills, children feel emboldened to make artistic choices in their own designs and creations.  A percentage of our art curriculum is taught by a specialist art teacher. This expertise enthuses our children and gives them a safe space to explore their creativity. As part of the school's National Curriculum + offer, Art & Design is enriched further by a multitude of art-related after school clubs.


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