Design and Technology

Our Design & Technology offer is a high-quality curriculum that provides children with a real-life context for learning. At Linthorpe, we want children to be inspired by designers, engineers, chefs and architects which will enable them to use their creativity and imagination to design and make a variety of products. The process of creative thinking and innovation inspires students to bring out undiscovered talents, which in turn gives them self-confidence and belief in their abilities and will equip them for the world of work.

Our Design & Technology curriculum is designed to progressively develop design and making skills. These skills combined with knowledge and understanding will ensure children can successfully make products that solve real life problems. Our children engage in three projects each year. In each of these projects, children follow the same basic format: design, make and evaluate. Throughout this process, children evaluate existing products, develop skills in a range of areas and have the opportunity to bring their vision to life. 

As part of our curriculum offer, each year group has one project per term and DT is taught across both half terms. We follow the National Curriculum for Design and Technology and we have categorised our content into six areas which are taught progressively throughout the children’s journey in school.

The six areas are: Mechanical systems, Building structures, Textiles, Electrical systems, Computing and Food & Nutrition.

Each year group also looks closely at one significant individual linked to one of their DT projects (designer, architect, mechanic). The key individuals will inspire children and provide insight into job opportunities available to them in the future.   

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