Developing Reading

At Linthorpe Community Primary School we use a number of different strategies to promote a child’s love of books and encourage them to become confident, independent readers. Children are provided with many opportunities to read, enjoy and share books as well as being emerged in language rich environments with access to a breadth of vocabulary and print. 

In English lessons each week, we explicitly teach reading skills which have been developed from the Content Domains. These are the skills laid out in the DfE documents which form the basis of end of key stage assessments. We link each skill to a colour and these colour questions are displayed in classrooms and referred to constantly. The children become very familiar with these colour questions and the steps involved to answer questions of this type.


Developing Fluency

Being able to read with fluency and expression is a key skill. This begins with one to one reading with an adult at the earliest age. Starting in Y1, we develop reading fluency with whole class sessions several times a week. These sessions begin with the teacher introducing the children to new vocabulary. The teacher then reads the text aloud to the children and discusses the 6 Ps (Pitch, Power, Pace, Punctuation, Pause, Pronunciation). Next, the teacher breaks the text up into small parts and the children copy the teacher’s reading. We call this echo reading. Finally, we all read together in a choral read.

One of our key reading interventions is Fantastic Fluency which focuses on looking carefully at vocabulary and re-reading a text to gain accuracy, fluency and confidence.


Love of Reading

At Linthorpe, we want children to love reading. From an early age, children enjoy stories, poems, rhymes and non-fiction in a variety of contexts.

Each day, children enjoy a class book session where the teacher reads aloud to the class. The books we use are carefully chosen and are a combination of well-loved classics and quality contemporary fiction.

Across school, we make books available to children to take home. These are in the form of mini Reading for Pleasure libraries. We ensure our reading areas and displays are inviting and engaging and constantly re-resource our reading for pleasure and reading scheme books.

Across the year, we celebrate reading with challenges, prizes and awards. We love celebrating World Book Day and take part in author events and local and national reading initiatives.

We know a love of reading can have an impact on children’s future ambitions and achievement and that is why it is at the heart of so many areas of school life.


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