EYFS Maths

The early Years curriculum for maths is broken into two main strands: number and shape, space and measure. Both strands are taught in a structured, play-based environment and through guided sessions with an adult in a small group. Regular counting tasks, numeral recognition, shape recognition and opportunities to use mathematical language in context all support your child's conceptual development in maths.
Things you could try at home
Count, count and count! Use a range of natural objects or toys to count by putting them in a line and touching them.
Sing songs that reinforce counting, for example, "1,2,3,4,5, once I caught a fish alive" or "Five currant buns/five speckled frogs."  This supports children in not only naming numbers but also learning the patterns of numbers. You can also count in twos, for example, " The animals went in two by two" or "Two little dickie birds."
Ask number/shape related questions: If you are shopping with your child ask if they can see any shapes around them, such as an apple in the shape of a circle or a box of teabags in the shape of a square. Pick out 2 products and ask your child which weighs more or less and to identify numbers around them, for example prices or aisle numbers.