Our geography curriculum is designed to develop pupil’s fascination of the world and their place within it. Our curriculum builds on the Knowledge and Understanding of The World our children gain in EYFS and is centred around the 'big ideas' of: climate, diversity, location, vegetation, sustainability, trade and landscape. We believe it is paramount that we provide children with opportunities to investigate their local area in order to help our children think about their heritage and what makes our local area special. In-depth studies of the local area, the UK and its regions, and places of global significance are studied to equip the children with knowledge and appreciation of diverse places and cultures which are different to our own. This further embeds our school ethos of ‘everyone is equal, everyone is different, everyone is welcome and everyone achieves their best.’ 

Children develop a deep understanding of the worlds physical and human features and explore these through a creative and dynamic curriculum. Topic-specific vocabulary is taught throughout our curriculum to enable children to articulate their thoughts and ideas clearly. Children learn how to ‘work like a geographer’ by developing their geographical skills over time. 

By the end of KS2 pupils will have experienced a depth of learning in:

  •   Locational knowledge
  •   Place knowledge
  •   Human and physical geography
  •   Geographical skills and fieldwork

Our children have the opportunity to ‘think like a geographer’ by utilising their skills when participating in a variety of fieldwork activities. Our geography curriculum is enriched through our National Curriculum + offer, Cultural Capital and ’50 Fantastic Things’.




At Linthorpe Primary, each geography topic has a knowledge organiser which contains the basic subject knowledge that our pupils will acquire over the course of the topic. Our children's learning is supported by using the knowledge organisers and they are referred to in all geography lessons. In addition to the knowledge organisers, geographical skills are interwoven throughout all geography lessons. 


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