Spring Half Term Clubs

13th January 2022

Dear Parent/ guardian,

We are about to open up the next round of clubs for Spring term 1. Sign up forms for clubs will go live on ParentMail next week. The clubs that will take place on a Monday and Tuesday evening will be announced on Monday 13th December and the clubs that will take place on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening's will be announced on Tuesday 14th December, from 7pm-8pm on both nights.

As per the parent mail sent on 13th September, this year, each pupil will get two opportunities to attend two clubs across the year. This is to ensure that all pupils get an opportunity to attend an extra-curricular activity at some point within the school year. School staff reserve the right to offer additional club places to some children for a range of reasons.

If your child has already used their allocated number of clubs (2), then you will not receive any further communication regarding clubs, this term.

Please see the below timetable of upcoming clubs.

Kind Regards,

Ms Whittaker