Linthorpe HeadStarters Dec 2019

19th December 2019
HeadStart School Sustainability Grant Spotlight

Linthorpe Community Primary School were the first school to achieve the HeadStart Gold award. They invested their sustainability grant to develop an outdoor, ‘green’ intervention space. Access to green space and nature is recognised to improve the mental wellbeing of children. Green spaces are considered to have restorative and relaxing properties which positively contributes to personal development in children.
HeadStarters and pupils working with the school care team were involved in developing the green space situated close to the existing calm room.
It has enabled the school to provide a safe outdoor space which can be used by pupils, the care team and other professionals for therapeutic interventions. The Linthorpe HeadStarters, school emotional wellbeing ambassadors, are keen to extend their mentoring role and use the space to deliver sessions to support their peers. Yoga and mindfulness are established in the school and sessions can be delivered outside.
Following a competition in school for students to decide the name of the intervention space, it will be known as the SHACK; Super Happy and Calm Kids. The SHACK is already in use with the Linthorpe Care Team holding mindfulness, friendships and relaxed reading clubs with the support of their HeadStarters group as well as using it for intervention purposes.
Linthorpe’s green intervention space has the following impact:
  •  Increases pupil’s emotional wellbeing and resilience
  • Provides a safe space where pupils can calm themselves and take charge of their feelings with the support of peers, school staff and other professionals
  • Allows pupils to feel a sense of belonging, develop coping skills and build self-esteem in line with the resilience framework
  • Allows pupils to be able to connect, be active, learn, take notice and give in line with the five ways to wellbeing guidance
The SHACK - Super, Happy and Calm Kids.