Nursery Plus (30 hours)

We are delighted to offer 30 hours of FREE early education to eligible parents with a child aged 3 -4 years old. Funded by a government scheme known as ‘Extended Entitlement’, the offer of 30 hours is available as a top-up to the current 15 hours of nursery provision.
Full days
We offer the 30 hours as part of our nursery day (8.30 – 3.00pm). This means parents can have five days of childcare, completely free. There is no charge, in our setting, for the additional time the children access lunchtime supervision and this can be combined with our out of school care offer, which from 2107, is available to Nursery parents.
Limited Availability
We only have a limited number of places available. If you think you may be entitled to the 30 hour extended funding, please call us to discuss your eligibility and to register your interest with us.