Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice

At Linthorpe Community Primary School, we value every child’s opinion and encourage them to play an active, constructive and appropriate role in their own learning, the learning of their peers and the development of the school community.

School Council

Our school council are ambassadors for the wider school community. Every class in key stages one and two are represented by a democratically elected school council member.

Some of the positive contributions our school council have made this year include:

  •          Weekly meetings
  •          Re-wording the school prayer for our youngest children
  •          Big Clean (litter picking in the local area)
  •          SMSC captain learning walks
  •          Campaigning for new playground equipment

 Pupil Leadership Team

Our Year 6 pupils are encouraged to reflect on their self-knowledge and apply for a role including Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl. Acting as role-models for all pupils in the school they:

  •                  Welcome visitors to school
  •                   Support younger children with academic work
  •                   Support the school council
  •                   Support at Parents' evening
  •                   Support with Sports day
  •                   Assist with a role in Star Award Assemblies

School Sports Organising Crew (SSOC)

Children in Year 6 are given the opportunity to use their leadership and sporting skills to support other children in many of our after-school sporting clubs. The SSOC plan activities and warm-ups and have even designed their own Sports’ day event!

HeadStart Ambassadors

As part of the Middlesbrough CAMHS Transformation plan the HeadStart Partnership Board has developed and funded a 2/3 year school programme to improve the emotional health and resilience of pupils aged 5 - 16. At Linthorpe we have a chosen body of children that will be trained up to act as mental health and wellbeing ambassadors.  They will pass on their skills to their peers and the wider community here at Linthorpe, with the view of having a long term sustainable change to how our pupils view, cope and build resilience in respect of mental health and wellbeing.  

 Pupil voice is also demonstrated through:

  •          Pupils’ choice star awards
  •          Student surveys
  •          Interactive displays