All children have an innate curiosity and wonder about the world around them. At Linthorpe Community Primary School, we aim to foster this natural interest in Science and encourage children to question and investigate in order to help them better understand their world. Our Science curriculum engages, challenges and encourages children to be inquisitive.
Through careful planning and preparation, children gain the knowledge and scientific understanding that is required to be successful in the modern world. Our curriculum encompasses the acquisition of knowledge alongside how to 'think like a scientist' to ensure children gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and encourage greater success as adults.
We provide a broad and balanced curriculum that has continuity and progression and fosters a positive attitude to science as an interesting and exciting part of the curriculum. Children are provided with the confidence to apply their knowledge, skills and ideas in real life contexts both within and outside the classroom and are aware of the uses of science in the wider world. Our enriched National Curriculum+ offer and '50 things' ensures that children have many opportunities to make meaningful links to real life contexts and experiences.
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