Whole School Maths

Maths policy in a nutshell
At Linthorpe, we pride ourselves on ensuring pupils leave us with a secure understanding of number and a strong sense of mathematical concepts. We achieve this by following pedagogy that supports mathematical concepts being introduced in a concrete manner and ensuring pupils become fluent with basic skills before moving. Pupils engage with challenging problem solving and reasoning tasks to ensure a deepened understanding. Through this we ensure pupils move from pictorial methods to more abstract methods.
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EYFS   KS1   KS2
At Linthorpe, pupils are assessed through an arithmetic test and a reasoning test. The tests are designed to assess knowledge and skills that pertain to a particular year group. The tests are carried out termly and produce a standardised score. This ultimately informs teachers whether a pupil is at the age related expectation.
In Years 2 and 6, past tests are used which assess knowledge and skills practised through the key stage.
Five A Day
Here at Linthorpe Community Primary School all pupils from Year 1 are set for maths according to ability. Mental arithmetic and fluency are a high priority at our school as we believe that having number facts allows pupils to draw connections between different maths concepts quicker as well as providing pupils stronger foundations to build upon. All KS1 and KS2 classes complete a 'Five A Day' challenge where they are given a series of 5 questions that focus primarily on arithmetic or fluency which enable pupils to retain facts and efficient calculation strategies.