Year 5

A new National Curriculum was introduced to schools in September 2014. English, Maths and Science make up the 'core' subjects in the primary school curriculum and the majority of learning time is spent on these subjects.
In addition to the 'core' subjects are the 'foundation' subjects of: History, Geography, Computing, Art & Design, Design and Technology, Foreign Languages (statutory from Year 3 onwards), Music and Physical Education.
R.E. and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) are also taught in Year 5.
Children receive swimming lessons in Year 5, which are taught as an intensive block at the beginning of Autumn and Spring Terms. Year 5 pupils are also given the opportunity to experience a short residential visit to London.
At Linthorpe Community Primary School, we adopt an engaging and creative way of ensuring that all children receive a high quality primary curriculum.
The context for learning:
Throughout the year, children work on a variety of stimulating and engaging Learning Projects through which the National Curriculum subjects, R.E and PSHE are taught. If it is not possible to link a subject or skill to a Learning Project in a meaningful way, then these are taught separately.
Year 5 Imaginative Learning Projects:
Autumn Term Pharaohs
Spring Term Japan Off with her head!
Summer Term Beast Creator