Careers Education

At LCPS, we recognise the many benefits of career-related learning for children in primary school. Our Careers Education includes a range of activities designed to give pupils from an early age experiences of, and exposure to the world of work.  At LCPS, we believe that exposing children to the world of work has a significant impact on their aspirations, motivation and confidence. It helps broaden their horizons, challenge stereotypes and gives them the opportunity to connect their learning with their future. 

There are two strands to the LCPS approach to Careers Related Education. Firstly, we teach children MAGICAL habits that are valued in the workplace. Our pupils approach these habits with a growth mindset, seeing each lesson as an opportunity to develop and enhance their skill.

Secondly, we give our pupils positive experiences of the world of work to boost their aspirations and cultural capital. We do this through roleplay and discussion in lessons as well as engaging events, such as visitors and our bi-annual careers fair. This approach ensures that Careers Related Education is woven through our curriculum.