Digital Resilience

Digital Resilience Quality Mark


We are pleased to announce, that following an extensive assessment process, we have been awarded with the Digital Resilience Quality Mark.

This quality mark recognises our effective systems in place for filtering and monitoring, our work with outside agencies, rigorous policies and practise and data security amongst many other areas


National Online Safety


We are proud to be a certified Online Safety school. We use National Online Safety to cover the full online safety aspect through 8 units: Self Image and Identity, Online Relationships, Online Reputation, Online Bullying, Managing Online Information, Health, Wellbeing and Lifestyle, Privacy and Security and Copyright and Ownership. There is an abundance of guidance and support on their website. Join for free through our link:

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Digital Resilience policy 2023-24

Cyberbullying factsheet

Inappropriate websites factsheet

Grooming factsheet

Cyberbullying guidance

Live streaming Ebooklet

Digital Parenting MCM

Digital Resilience Quality Mark