At Linthorpe Primary School, we encourage pupils to become well-rounded, independent and successful citizens who contribute positively to their community. Through the provision of opportunities such as Head Boy/Girl leaders, school council, Road Safety Officers, HeadStarters and Sports Leaders, pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills. These opportunities result in the development of responsible, respectful and active pupils with strong interpersonal and social skills, who are well prepared for the next stage in their education and beyond.  

The Pupil Leadership groups are:

Head Boy and Head Girl and the Y6 Pupil Leadership Team

  • Act as an ambassador for the school both in and out
  • Educate children on how to uphold school values 
  • Plan, organise and promote fundraising events
  • Represent pupil voice
  • Work alongside the senior leadership team to continue to improve our school
  • Meet regularly to feedback to the senior leadership team and governors about key decisions.

School Council

  • Act as an ambassador for the school both in and out
  • Represent pupil voice on behalf of every class
  • Report on and address issues and concerns raised by pupils within their class
  • Work with the local and wider community.


Our LCPS HeadStarters are an army of trained children who have or are progressing through the HeadStart education pathway.

Those participating will engage in an accredited pathway of education that aims to build resilience, knowledge around their own wellbeing and increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Our HeadStarters:

  • Access mental health training to build resilience and help them to support their peers
  • Use their own resilience and knowledge of wellbeing to support confidence and self-esteem in others
  • Promote the 5 ways to wellbeing in school
  • Help our Emotional Well-being Practitioner to run well-being workshops for pupils at lunchtime.

Digital Leaders 

Digital technology is a significant part of our everyday lives. We use technology throughout the day for all jobs and purposes. Therefore ensuring that all our pupils grow into responsible digital citizens who are able to use technology purposefully and safely is of upmost importance to us. Our Digital Leaders meet regularly to look at different aspects of online safety. The Digital Leaders are responsible for delivering the key messages from their meetings back to their peers, in their classes and across school.

We believe that pupils should be educated about online safety by not only their teachers but also their peers. Our digital Leaders use presentations to educate classes and also to deliver whole-school assemblies.

Junior Road Safety Officers

  • Promote safety in school
  • Train children on ways to keep safe including road safety
  • Participating in leading assemblies or speaking in class on road safety themes
  • Arranging competitions
  • Raise awareness of community issues and how, as a school, we can help to solve these problems.

Sports Play Leaders

  • Help teachers to make sure lunchtime is calm and enjoyable
  • Organise playground games
  • Help children to find friends to play with at lunchtime
  • Help children to solve disagreements by themselves
    Develop pride and spirit in the school and within our respective sporting teams
  • Be a model of good leadership and positive sporting behaviour to the whole school community.

Sustainability Squad

LCPS prides itself on ensuring we are looking after our environment, being Eco-friendly and ensuring we are energy efficient. We strive to teach all our children the importance of preserving both their local and global environment. The Sustainability Squad are children who have a love for the environment and have been selected to help the staff and children at LCPS become more environmentally friendly. They play an active role in school and come up with new ideas on how to promote sustainability at home too.

The team meet regularly to:

  • Collate and share ideas from each of the classes
  • Recycle and plan events 
  • Grow plants and maintain our school garden 
  • Promote Energy Efficiency through setting challenges for classes
  • Organise Eco-friendly activities
  • Help school leaders to make decisions about Eco related issues
  • Meet with school governors to update them on our progress in becoming an Eco-Friendly School.

All of our pupil leadership teams make a huge contribution to the school and the wider community.

House Captains 

At LCPS, there is a strong focus on developing pupils’ moral, spiritual, social and cultural understanding so that they are well-prepared for life in modern Britain and our House Captains work to support the pupils of LCPS to develop identity and unity. Our Houses have names linked to the Fundamental British Values, with an animal crest to represent each value. The House teams are Law, Respect, Democracy and Liberty. Each year group has a House Captain, whose job it is to support the pupils in each house to achieve their best by demonstrating the values of, for example, respect and tolerance.

These key roles are ones of privilege and responsibility that require the children to be dedicated and organised and set a positive example to all children throughout the school by modelling and demonstrating our Fundamental British Values in everything we do.

Some of the key responsibilities of our House Captains include:

  • To support and model the Fundamental British Values around the school
  • To help organise and support House activities including, inter-house competitions such as House Sports and House Knowledge Quizzes
  • To wear the House Captain’s badge with pride.

Arts Council

Arts Council consists of pupils from across the school who demonstrate a passion for art, music, dance or drama. Pupils spend the year working alongside our specialist Art and Design and Music teachers to help improve the arts provision across the school from a pupil perspective. The Arts Council gather pupil voice via a suggestion box in the Art Studio as well as by chatting to children from across school at lunchtimes to find out about the learning that takes place during their arts lessons. The Arts Council plan and run whole school art projects and competitions thorghout the year based on their peers’ interests.

Examples of projects the Arts Council will be focusing on this year are:

Designing and making LCPS House Team textile banners for the school hall

Creating an LCPS choir banner for the choir to take to their ‘Young Voices’ concert

Assisting with making props for the LCPS Theatre Academy summer show

A whole school Arts day plus gallery exhibition.