School Meals

Parents can choose whether they wish their child to have a school meal or a packed lunch. The first week of each half term parents must make a firm decision as to which option they wish for their child and there is no facility for change until the next half term.  As we have experienced a lot of confusion when children change arrangements mid-week, we now ask that children have the same lunchtime arrangement each day of the week. Please note that any change to your child’s meal arrangements must be notified in writing to the school office (not the class teacher) at least one week in advance.  Our meals are cooked on site and our cafeteria service offers a choice of hot meals, sandwiches, fruit and hot and cold puddings. All of the chicken and mince served is halal. There is always a non-meat alternative.  

You can really help us by ensuring that dinner money is paid on the first day of the school week, using your ParentMail account. The current cost is £2.40 per day -  £12.00 per week.  

If you feel your child may be eligible for a free meal please contact the school. You will also be helping the school as extra funding is given to us on the basis of the number of children receiving free school meals.   Please note that children receiving free school meals are not identified in any way. 

Packed Lunches 

In order that lunchtimes run as smoothly as possible for our children it is important you follow the guidelines below: 

  • Packed lunches should be brought in a rigid container with your child’s name on. 
  • Drinks should be brought in plastic unbreakable flasks or safe containers together with a cup or straw.  Cans, glass bottles or fizzy drinks are not permitted for safety reasons. 
  • Sweets and chocolate bars should not be brought into school. 
  • We provide shelving for lunch boxes but the whole school is very warm, which means that food sits in warm conditions for several hours before being eaten.  Please bear this in mind when choosing your child’s sandwich fillings etc. 

Our team of mid-day assistants and teaching assistants care for the children during the lunch break.  Children are expected to maintain the school standards of behaviour during lunchtime.  As outlined in the Governing Body’s Behaviour Policy any child who repeatedly causes problems at lunchtime, will, after informing parents, be sent home for lunch.  At least one senior member of the teaching staff is always available in case of emergencies.  Children who go home for lunch should return to school no earlier than 5 minutes before afternoon session as our mid-day assistants are only employed to supervise those children who stay on the school premises for lunch. 


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