Our commitment to community cohesion refers to our dedication to foster and develop a sense of togetherness with all stakeholders within our community and beyond. We aim to build mutual respect through our school ethos, aims and strive to foster excellent relationships between our local council, staff, parents, children, the community and local groups.

We believe in contributing and working towards a society in which:-

  • There is a common vision and sense of belonging within all communities;
  • The diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances is appreciated and valued;
  • Similar life opportunities are available to all;
  • Strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be developed between schools and the wider community.

Pupils at Linthorpe engage in a number of charitable causes (such as Children in Need and Teesside Hospice) and local events, giving them a strong sense of community and their place within it.

One key task undertaken this year was the creation of a new school vision which included the views and suggestions of pupils, parents, staff and our local council.

At LCPS, we pride ourselves on helping to make our town the best it can be! We go litter picking, we visit our local care homes, and we remember those who sacrificed their lives in wars by decorating the cenotaph with poppies.

Our ‘Community Share’ project, where children spend time delivering sunflowers grown as part of their science learning to our school neighbours in the community, is a perfect example of how we at LCPS harness the best of humankind.

Our Community Tree represents how our pupils contribute and make a difference to their community and the world on a local, national and global level. Our planned special themed days and community events enrich our pupils’ lives and challenge them to aspire to be people who leave a mark on the world.