MAGICAL encapsulates our school values and drives our pupils to succeed in every aspect of their lives.

Our passion for and commitment to developing children into life-long learners is rooted in exceptional behaviour for learning from the very early years onwards.  We teach, model and promote a range of ‘MAGICAL habits’: learning behaviours which impact on everyday lessons are transferrable to success in later life.  Each letter of MAGICAL signifies a key learning characteristic and is represented by a famous mascot.

The MAGICAL learning habits are referred to in lessons and assemblies.  Children are praised and rewarded for demonstrating the behaviours; particularly during ‘Star Award Assemblies’ where older children nominate their peers and articulate which element of MAGICAL they have been most impressed with.

Character, which we define as a set of positive personal traits, dispositions and virtues is promoted through these seven MAGICAL habits. The habits of: Motivation, Ambition, Grit, Independence, Communication, Attitude and Leadership permeate throughout and across our curriculum and extra- curricular provision and inform pupil motivations and guide their conduct. We facilitate pupils to become well-rounded, independent and successful citizens who contribute positively to their community. Our careers education and annual careers event, which closely link to our MAGICAL habits and MAGICAL mascots, encourages pupils to have high aspirations from an early age.

Through the provision of opportunities such as Head Boy and Head Girl Pupil Leaders, School Councillors, Road Safety Officers, HeadStarters and Sports Leaders, pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

These opportunities result in the development of responsible, respectful and active pupils with strong interpersonal and social skills, who are well prepared for the next stage in their education and beyond.