At Linthorpe Community Primary school, we believe it is imperative to our children’s lives that they can not only read, but that they become readers. As such, we aim to start their reading journeys with a passion and enthusiasm for stories and books; alongside building their confidence in de-coding and reading for themselves. We hope to ignite a love of reading at this early stage in their lives, that they will carry with them forever.

Reading permeates every aspect of our curriculum and we are committed to ensuring that every single child is taught to read.

Through a combination of strong, high quality, discrete, systematic phonics teaching and a language approach that promotes a reading for pleasure culture, our children learn the knowledge and skills to become confident readers, so that they can read, enjoy and share books.

At Linthorpe Community Primary,  reading is the key to unlock learnng across all curriculum areas. We carefully select texts and poems so that our children experience a rich diet of texts including classics, contemporary texts and curriculum related books.  The books we choose engage and inspire, providing our children with language and literature beyond their current experience.