50 Fantastic Things to do at Linthorpe

We are very proud of our curriculum and all of the wonderful experiences we offer our pupils.

At Linthorpe Community Primary School, we believe that it is our moral duty to ensure that our pupils are given opportunities to access childhood experiences that we feel all children deserve. At LCPS, we believe our job is to nurture our pupils to become thoughtful citizens. It is about affecting the way our pupils see the world and develop life experiences.

Motivated by our desire to provide children with a richness of experiences beyond the classroom, we have created a list ’50 Fantastic Things to do at Linthorpe’. Each experience has been woven into the curriculum to ensure that every single pupil completes all 50 things by the time they leave us at the end of primary school. 

Our teachers and school council representatives collaborated to select 50 of the most fantastic opportunities which include building a den, playing a musical instrument, spending a night away from home, posting a letter, flying a kite, hatching a chick from an egg, becoming a farmer for the day as well as many many more!

Every year, children reflect on their most treasured experience and record their thoughts and reflections in their special Learning Journey books.


50 Fantastic Things To Do