Our Nursery curriculum is designed to encourage children to foster a positive attitude towards learning and building strong foundations for their future.  We support our children to be happy, confident and full of awe and wonder for the world around them. 

During the first term in nursery, key people spend quality time getting to know the children and their families. Through developing trusting relationships, children quickly gain in confidence in their new environment. 

Once children have settled and can access the learning environment, we consider how they will access the wider curriculum and how we can support their learning through building upon their interests. Focusing on language and vocabulary development, we focus on three themes across the academic year. Learning is play based and takes place both indoors and outside. 

Parent involvement is crucial. We actively work with parents to ensure their child gets the best start in their education, making ourselves available to offer support and advice.


Nursery KO Spring 1
2022 Humans

Nursery KO Spring 2
2022 Animals