Physical activity is vital in children’s all-round development, enabling them to pursue happy, healthy and active lives. With clearly defined curricular goals for each stage of learning, our PE curriculum follows the learning and development requirments of the EYFS statutory framework and is supported by the non-statutory guidance from Development Matters. Carefully crafted to develop essential knowledge and skills in physical development, our curriculum aims to develop children’s core strength, stability, balance, spatial awareness, co-ordination and agility.

Across the EYFS our children will develop basic fundamentals and ABC’s (Agility, Balance and Coordination).

Laying the Foundations

We understand that gross and fine motor control experiences develop incrementally throughout the early years and provide a wide range of opportunities for practise and play both indoors and outdoors starting with sensory exploration for our two-year olds in The Nest.

Our Little Learners explore movement both indoors and in the outdoor provision. Opportunities to develop balance, co-ordination and core strength are fundamental to our youngest children’s learning and development.

Children have access to soft play equipment indoors supporting a range of movement, spatial awareness and problem solving. Scooters, trikes and bikes in the outdoor provision provide a wealth of opportunities to develop co-ordination and core strength. Large scale movements and climbing offer children a way to develop their confidence in their physical abilities and take risks.

As our children begin their journey into nursery, they continue to develop proficiency in movement, balance and co-ordination through a wealth of opportunities provided in the outdoor and indoor provision. Children begin to take part in PE lessons which are tailored to their development. Lessons provide opportunities to develop skills and begin to take part in more structured games. Working as a team supports communication and interaction alongside personal, social and emotional development.

In  Reception, our PE curriculum continues to support the development of our children’s gross and fine motor skills. A carefully planned curriculum works progressively towards the Early Learning Goal whilst supporting team building and communication.

Our classroom and outdoor environment offer children a wealth of opportunities to develop and practise skills. Children will use their newly learnt and practised skills to take part in and create games, supporting communication and personal development. All children are given the opportunity to learn to ride a two wheeled bike. We believe this is an important goal for our children at Linthorpe.

Reception children also take part in our National Curriculum + club offer. Clubs form another opportunity for children to develop physical skills whilst engaging with a range of equipment, and in new and familiar games.


Laying the Foundations in PE

Fundamentals & movement skills



Body Management