Early Mathematics

The teaching of early maths starts with our youngest children in Little Learners and nursery. Across Early Years, children are taught mathematical concepts using carefully selected stories, rhymes, songs and practical resources. We provide every opportunity to teach maths through real life contexts and play, enabling children to see the uses of mathematics in everyday life.

To ensure our nursery children are well prepared and ready to begin our mathematics curriculum from week one in Reception we:
  • deliver our pre-school maths curriculum through the use of high-quality stories, songs and rhymes
  • teach through a balance of child-led and adult-led experiences
  • prioritise daily counting (including counting physical objects and actions)
  • provide real life and play based mathematical experiences 
In Reception we provide:
  • a mathematically rich curriculum that embeds mathematical thinking and talk
  • daily maths sessions
  • regular, purposeful opportunities for counting and reciting numbers
  • a balance of teacher led and child led activities to develop the understanding of number, shape, measure and spatial thinking
Maths in KS1 swiftly builds on the knowledge and skills taught throughout the foundation stage and early years. Objectives are derived from the national curriculum and emphasis is placed on securing the fundamental foundations of maths, ensuring competency and fluency of concepts before applying them to problems and puzzles. Reasoning and justification skills are also taught throughout the key stage.
In KS1 pupils have:
  • access to a range of practical resources to encourage understanding and calculation
  • regular counting opportunities to develop number pattern awareness and fluency
  • daily mathematics sessions
  • daily recall sessions known as Five A Day
  • access to mathematics interventions when needed
  • One to one teacher conferences when needed