“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”– Plato

At Linthorpe, we believe that music is a universal language that embodies one of the highest forms of creativity. It is a unique way of communicating that inspires pupils and helps them to feel part of a community. Our high-quality music curriculum follows the award winning Charanga scheme and both develops pupils’ love of music as well as their talent as musicians.

Our music curriculum is built around three interdependent elements; technical, expressive and constructive.

Technical – The ability of instrumental and vocal musicians to exert optimal control of their instruments or vocal cords in order to produce the precise musical effects they desire.

Expressive – The art of playing or singing with a personal response to the music, making appropriate use of dynamics, phrasing, timbre and articulation to convey emotion.

Constructive – The understanding of the structure of a musical piece and the process of creating or writing a new piece of music.

As they journey through school, children are taught how to think, work and communicate like a musician and in doing so, they engage with music from a variety of genres, cultures and eras. We are committed to offering the children as many opportunities as possible to become confident and self-reflective musicians and we adopt a practical approach as much as possible, using instruments to bring music to life.


Here at Linthorpe, we believe that all children should experience the joy of learning how to play an instrument. Specialist music teachers lead whole class music lessons in each year group.

Our LCPS KS1 and KS2 Choirs meet weekly. These children perform in assemblies and at PTA events as well as going out into the community to sing at care homes and hospitals. We offer a steel pans music club afterschool for pupils and we have developed links with the community whereby pupils can develop their interest outside of school by joining a local steel pan group and orchestra.

Musical Events and Opportunities

In addition to weekly singing assemblies led by our vocal specialist, we aim to offer other special musical experiences to each year group. These include singing in church (Y3/Y4 Christmas Nativity); music workshops (e.g. Ukulele Y4 and Steel Pans Y5/6); Christmas performances (e.g. Y5/Y6 Christingle) and our annual LCPS Performing Arts musical production where the children will perform at Acklam Grange theatre.

Instrumental lessons (currently Viola, Violin and Trombone) are offered by a peripatetic music teacher who visits the school each week. Lessons are offered to pupils in Y2-Y6. There is a charge for these lessons. Please visit the school office for further details.


Whole School Music

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Music in Reception

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