‘Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) have the greatest need for excellent teaching and are entitled to provision that supports achievement at, and enjoyment of, school.’

EEF, 2020

At Linthorpe Community Primary School we provide a caring, structured and supportive learning environment in which every child can flourish. It is our passionate aim to ensure that all of our children achieve their full potential. We have an ethos of whole school inclusion and are committed to removing barriers to learning and participation, providing an education that is appropriate to the needs of every child.

The Hub

The Hub is a new teaching space, that has been developed to provide timely intervention and improve outcomes for pupils with complex needs in the early years and KS1. Pupils are able to access a low stimulus environment in the Hub, which eliminates environment factors, that raise anxiety and sensory overload. A structured classroom routine and small group work is used to develop communication and interaction.

Our pupils with complex needs who access the Hub have a multi-tiered, developmentally appropriate and engaging curriculum in which they can develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

The Attention Autism programme implemented in the Hub, delivers an engaging and accessible invitation to learn for our pupils with complex needs. It is proving to be a successful strategy in teaching pupils to focus, sustain, shift and share their attention when working 1:1 with an adult, with a peer and as part of a group. The curriculum also includes play, physical well-being, sensory well-being, independence, citizenship, art, music and outdoor learning. Pupils also access learning in their year group classroom and have 1:1 teaching to develop skills which are outlined in their personal learning plans and MAPP assessment.

The Hub is enabling the children who access it to thrive and feel a strong sense of belonging.

Our Families say…