Linthorpe Reception is a very busy and fun place to be -it marks the final year of our Early Years journey. Our Reception curriculum builds on the learning children gain from their pre-school experiences. It is inclusive and designed to cater for all pupils -providing them with the foundational knowledge and skills needed to thrive in Year 1 and beyond.

In the Reception year, our children develop skills, acquire knowledge and demonstrate their understanding in an exciting, structured play-based environment.

Children grow in confidence, develop independence and continue to learn how to build positive relationships. This is encouraged through routines, high-quality interactions and the modelling of positive behaviour.  

Throughout the year, Reception children work on a variety of carefully planned learning themes through which the seven areas of learning are delivered.

Our subject based curriculum is coherently sequenced and progressive, ensuring that learning opportunities provide the knowledge and skills children need to be ready to start the national curriculum in Key Stage 1.

Supported by high-quality stories, each learning theme includes imaginative, enjoyable and challenging activities which are relevant to each child’s stage of development.

We understand that our children are curious and unique individuals and our curriculum is flexible enough to include topical issues and any opportunities for learning that arise from the children’s own experiences and interests.


In Reception, reading permeates every aspect of our curriculum and we are committed to ensuring that every single child is taught to read. We carefully select high-quality books that we know the children will love and are worth re-reading.

Our book choices support our curriculum delivery -ensuring that our children are confident to express themselves and are inspired. Through our planning being carefully linked to quality books that support our learning themes, we aim for children to be immersed in a world of magical storytelling from dedicated practitioners who promote a love of reading.

We recognise the importance of all children making a strong start in learning to read. From week one of Reception, daily phonics sessions support children to hear the initial sounds of words, orally blend and then read words independently.

At Linthorpe Community Primary School, we have adopted the Read Write Inc. (RWI) systematic phonics programme. This is a rigorous programme which ensures children in Reception quickly gain the phonics knowledge and early reading skills that they need.

An Enabling Environment

Our Reception environment is key to realising our curricular goals.

Providing an extensive and stimulating environment with a range of discrete learning spaces, our Reception provision is firmly focused on ensuring our children learn specific knowledge and skills to prepare them for the next stage in their educational journey.

The Imagination Zone

The Imagination Zone is a place that fosters imagination, creativity and story telling. Through high quality continuous provision, our children learn about themselves and step into make believe worlds. Focusing on small world and role play, the Imagination Zone:

  • Provides a space for high quality interactions, where language is purposeful and children are highly engaged
  • Enables children to transfer their knowledge and play with the familar
  • Encourages children to consider different perspectives and take on different roles
  • Allows children to be adventurous, to build, create and imagine
  • Presents children with a wide range of resources to explore and enhance their play
  • Provides opportunity for collaboration and critical thinking


The Great Outdoors

Outdoor learning is central to all we do, and our outdoor classroom is specifically designed to support all aspects of the curriculum- offering challenge, space and many opportunities to discover and apply new knowledge and skills.

Providing a well thought out space for children to be curious and to develop fascination about the natural world around them, our Reception outdoor provision provides:

  • A small garden area, where children can dig in the mud and observe the natural curiosities of nature (growth, seasonal change, decay)
  • Opportunities for physical development (climbing rocks, bike riding, scooters)
  • A mud kitchen/potion making area, where children can engage in collaborative and imaginative play and develop their mathematical understanding
  • Large construction and den building – for engineering on a bigger scale, fostering collaboration, communication, perseverance and resilience
  • A tool station, offering opportunity to explore woodwork, metals and real tools
  • Sand play

Parent Partnership

Parent involvement is crucial. We actively work with parents to ensure their child gets the best start in their education, making ourselves available to offer support and advice.

Phonics workshops and Bookworm Wednesdays provide meaningful opportunities for parents and staff to work in partnership and stay and play sessions celebrate learning.

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Examples of documents used to support our teaching:

Reception Autumn Knowledge Organiser


Reception Autumn Knowledge Organiser

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Reception Spring Knowledge Organiser


Reception Spring Knowledge Organiser

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Reception Summer Knowledge Organiser


Reception Summer Knowledge Organiser