Little Learners

The Nest provides a safe, warm and nurturing learning space for our youngest children -The Little Learners.

Every word counts

Our Little Learners’ curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that all children thrive and achieve.

In Little Learners we prioritise language development. Through adult and child lead activities, high-quality interactions,  songs, nursery rhymes and familiar routines, we aim to build children’s vocabularies and self-esteem, so that they develop into happy, confident, curious talkers and learners.

Sensory exploration is key in the development of our youngest children. We provide as many opportunities as possible for children to engage in sensory activities. Through our play-based approach, children develop their personal, social and emotional skills, their communication and language skills and physical development; known as the prime areas within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Nest

Our learning environment is key to realising our curricular goals.

The learning environment in ‘The Nest’ has been developed to promote high levels of well- being and to provide spaces which support quality interactions and language development. It is warm and welcoming and builds upon the children’s interests, as well providing new resources, often from the natural world to stimulate children’s thoughts, questions and imagination.


Our purpose-built soft play provides a safe space for physical exploration and the outdoor classroom is specifically designed to support all aspects of the curriculum.

Parent Partnership

We respect the role that you, as parents, play as the principal carer in your child’s life. We want to develop a close working relationship with you so that we meet your child’s needs and fully support you in their learning journey.

We know that open, two-way communication is crucial and always make time to talk at welcome time and the end of each day. We are committed to working in partnership and regularly host stay and play sessions for you and your child to play and learn together.


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Examples of documents used to support our teaching:

Autumn Knowledge Organiser

All about me

Spring 1 Knowledge Organiser


Spring 2 Knowledge Organiser


Summer Knowledge Organiser