At Linthorpe, our art offering is a high-quality curriculum that engages, challenges and inspires children to express their creativity. Our children are given the opportunity to experiment and create, while also developing a critical eye. In order to enrich their knowledge of art and its place in the world, they learn about famous art movements and artists that have changed the world. We provide our children with opportunities to challenge their ideas of art and to see that art comes in many forms. A percentage of our art curriculum is taught by a specialist art teacher. This expertise enthuses our children and gives them a safe space to explore their creativity.

Our art curriculum has been constructed around the development of artistic skills in three main areas: drawing (with a focus on line and tone), painting and form. Children spend a term focussing on each skill and make progress by building upon these skills as they move through school.

Knowledge Organisers

Each year group has one Knowledge Organiser that is based on their focus artist and art movement. These knowledge organisers provide children with basic information about the artist, an outline of the art movement and ways of identification and three famous pieces of art that they will come to easily identify.

Please see some examples from across school.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development

SMSC forms an integral part of our art curriculum:

Spiritual – Art gives the children opportunity to be creative and to use their imagination. Children enjoy learning about art and the effect that it has had on the world around them.

Moral – Through a critical eye, children learn that everyone has an opinion and they are respectful of that. They are considerate of viewpoints that are different to their own.

Social - Through the common goal of creating art, pupils learn to work effectively with others and build good relationships. They share, and listen carefully to, constructive feedback.

Cultural – Our children are regularly provided with opportunities to celebrate different cultures/religions and their art practices; looking at pattern, materials and colour.