Our History Curriculum is built around the progression of the following ‘big ideas':

chronology, exploration, invasion, civilisation, legacy, monarchy, and religion.

During a pupil’s journey from Y1 to Y6, our History curriculum builds on the Knowledge and Understanding of the world our children develop across EYFS.

Our aims are to provide a broad, balanced History curriculum that ensures development of historical understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Our curriculum ensures that pupils develop not only their historical knowledge, skills and vocabulary but a love for history that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

The aims of history in our school are:

  •       To enable children to know about significant events in British and world history and to appreciate how things have changed over time.
  •       To develop a sense of chronology.
  •       To help children understand society and their place within it, so that they develop a sense of their local heritage.
  •       To develop in children the skills of enquiry, evaluation, interpretation and presentation enabling them to ‘think as historians’.

All of the National Curriculum is taught but via an enriched National Curriculum+ offer and ‘50 things’, we ensure that children have as many opportunities to make meaningful links to real life contexts and experiences.


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