Our History Curriculum is built around the progression of key concepts of:

Invasion, Democracy, Tyranny and Rebellion, Important People, Culture, Empire, Community, Population, Invention, Government, Monarchy, Identity, Evidence, Chronology and Religion

During a pupil’s journey from Y1 to Y6, building on the Knowledge and Understanding of the world our children develop across EYFS.

A timeline is built over the topics studied so that a chronology of local, national and global events is built year on year. The key periods of history have been chosen as they are rich and engaging ILPs, with many opportunities for children to learn in different ways, whilst developing a rigorous knowledge and understanding of the point in time. This is planned and taught via Knowledge organisers which ensure consistency and progression over time.

All of the National Curriculum is taught but via an enriched National Curriculum+ offer and ‘50 things’, we ensure that children have as many opportunities to make meaningful links to real life contexts and experiences.